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Reach Comp Recap

This past Sunday we had 2 teams from CrossFit Factory Wood Road compete in the Reach spring cleaning competition in Acton MA. Christine McDonough aka Beast and Joe Perrone aka G.I. Joe made up Team “Practice safe sets” and competed in the scaled division. Coach Ethan and Coach A/C made up team “DBAP” and competed in the RX division. In total, there were approximately 80 teams that competed that day.

The competition consisted of 3 workouts and a final workout for the top 4 teams in each division. The first workout looked very familiar and was conveniently named 17.5+. It was a 9 minute AMRAP of 9 thrusters and either 35 double unders or 35 single unders depending on the division. The weights on the thrusters were 55# (f)/95# (m) for scaled and 80# (f)/115# (m) for the RX. At call of 3-2-1 go one athlete was to complete 1 full round of thrusters and jump rope before tagging their partner who would then complete another round. Athletes alternated rounds for the entire 9 minutes. Team “Practice Safe Sets” finished this workout in first place completing 15 rounds! Team “DBAP” competed 9 rounds.

In workout #2 teams had 12 minutes to establish a max snatch and a max clean and jerk. Score was the combined weight of each athletes max lift. Both Christine and Joe hit PR’s in both lifts! Combined they had lifted 700lbs landing them in 4th place. Team “DBAP” had a combined weight of 780 lbs.

Workout #3 was chipper with a 10 minute cap. Athletes in the scaled division had to complete 90 calories on the rower followed by 70 wallballs (both male and female athletes had to throw to a 10’ target) followed by 50 kettlebell swings and in the remaining time, AMRAP of synchronized burpee box jump overs. Once again team “Practice Safe sets” dominated finishing 17 synchronized burpee box jump overs landing them in 1st place! For the RX division athletes had to complete 90 calories on the rower, 70 wallballs (both male and female athletes threw to a 10’ target) 50 chest to bar pull-ups and in the remaining time, AMRAP of synchronized burpee box jump overs. Team “DBAP” completed 13 burpee box jump overs.

At the end of the 3 workouts, team “Practice Safe Sets” was in 1st place overall and advance to the final workout. The workout consisted of 4 synchronized bear complexes (clean into a front squat into a press into a back squat and finishing with another press all without dropping the bar) followed by 5 rope climbs and ending with another 4 bear complexes. There was a 6 minute cap for this workout. Even though neither Christine nor Joe had ever done a bear complex before they annihilated the workout finishing yet again in 1st place.

At the end of the competition, team “Practice Safe Sets” stoop on top of the podium in first place! Both Christine and Joe had said that they officially “love competing” and have “caught the competition bug”! It was amazing to see their hard work not only in action but pay off so well. The smiles on their faces were priceless. You could not see but also feel their excitement just talking with them.



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