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Athlete of the Month: Christine "Beast" McDonough

Christine has been a CrossFit Factory Wood Road athlete for just over a year now and has "caught the bug" according to her recent comments. She has demonstrated and established the name "Beast" not because she's an animal athlete and lifts absurd amounts of weight, but because she's dialed in and absorbs all the information the coaches throw at her. She has gone as far as training one-on-one to be consistent with her training. She's determined in learning new skills and challenging herself daily. It's a value that at times is lost in this CrossFit day in age (constantly learn new sports/skills).

Christine works in the fitness industry being one of the heads at her gym and is a coach in bodybuilding and figure competitions. Still, she has the drive and enthusiasm to show up at 6am and train with that awesome crew.

"I've known Beast since the gym first opened and I'd always see her doing her bodybuilding workouts and one day I suggested CrossFit. At first, she was pleasant and acknowledge that she had given it a thought once or twice. So every time I saw her I made note to say CrossFit until she said ultimately said, 'Okay I'll give it a try'." - Coach Ethan

"When I started CrossFit, it was around the time of the 2016 Open and was no way what-so-ever going to be doing it.  Close to a year on, I signed up for the 2017 Open and had an awesome time.  That atmosphere, workouts, and fulfillment in competing and completing the 5 week challenge pushed me in ways that you don't get doing anything else. I wanted more of it! That's why I signed up for my first CrossFit competition!" - Christine McDonough

Christine indeed signed up for her first CrossFit partner competition. Her and partner, Joe Perrone, came home with a 1st place finish in the scaled division making us Wood Road Athletes proud.  They won all 4 workouts that they had to do on May 7th at Crossfit Reach, hands down running the show.

"From the very first workout, they dominated the field and never looked back." - Coach Ethan

For most people that become crossfitters, it is a lifestyle that is very easy to fall in to.  The workouts, the people, the coaches, the apparel, and the challenges.  It's addicting and Christine is no exception to that lifestyle.

"I get so excited when I get paid because then I have money to spend on CrossFit stuff. And then all my money is gone!" - Christine

When Coach Diana and I spoke with Beast we found that the difference between coach and athlete is so small that if we didn't have a shirt that says coach on it, we'd be identical. We all try to improve our skills and abilities everyday, but she is an example and reminder of how learning and honing your craft should be fun and enjoyable as well as hard work.

Christine now has officially caught the CF bug and competing is taking her training to another level. If you have ever trained with Beast you know she's all in and if you haven't you should seek out to train with her (at those 6am classes) to find that fire that she has burning all day everyday!

Congratulations "BEAST" and we look forward to seeing you go out and crush more competitions in the future!


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