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Don't settle for anything less than a Luxury Gym


The Luxury Gym 

When people think of luxury they typically think of designer clothing, expensive jewelry and extravagant mansions with amazing sports cars parked in the driveway. However one area of luxury people typically miss out on is when they exercise. So many people settle for dirty facilities with non functioning equipment and a staff that doesn't want to be there. That doesn't sound like luxury… it doesn't even sound mediocre.

 You're probably thinking to yourself, “okay well my gym isn't that bad so im fine,” but why settle for fine? You deserve better than “fine,” you deserve luxury.


The Solution

 Fit Factory has amazing luxury amenities including a mind and body studio, saunas, towel service, a women's only area, babysitting and much more. The staff are super friendly and the facilities are high end and clean. We have the best workout programs including group fitness classes, personal trainers, and small group fitness classes. With the new Trade Ya offer you can join the Fit Fam today and start achieving all your health goals! 


What's Trade Ya?

Trade Ya is Fit Factory Health Club’s newest opportunity to join a high end gym for the cost of AIR. All you have to do is bring in your current gym scan tag to one of our 6 locations and you can join for just $0 dollar down and as a token of appreciation we are throwing in 2 months of membership for FREE! Boom, mic drop.  


You Deserve the best!

You could continue working out at a mediocre gym, but if you're looking for a state of the art facility with the luxury amenities you deserve, for an affordable price then go to a location near you. Visit our Braintree, Kingston,  Foxboro, North Attleboro, Colleyville, or Garland location to take advantage of this amazing offer today! Don't settle for mediocrity, you deserve more for less and Fit Factory is here to provide that for you!




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