Bundles designed to help you reach your specific goals make success easier and more affordable than ever before

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Goal-Based Bundles

Fit Factory has partnered with dotFIT to create four different supplement bundles, tailored to your needs! Just getting started on your fitness journey, trying to lose weight, gain mass, or achieve peak performance? We have a bundle designed for you!
Let's break down each bundle, what it includes, and why:


The weight loss bundle comes with three beneficial supplements for controlling your weight.

- LeanMR Nutrition Shake: A delicious and filling shake blend that provides long-lasting energy and helps you feel more full with fewer calories.

- WeightLoss Liver & Support: This supplement uses natural ingredients such as African Mango to curb your hunger and to support your weight loss goals. Your gut and liver will thank you!

 - ActiveMV: Provides high amounts of vitamins & choline to support your immune system.



- First String: Do you want a supplement that can support high performance and greater gains in the gym or on the field? First String offers an amazing blend of nutrients and to support your gain goals.

- Amino XXXL: A highly effective blend of amino acids to help support quick muscle repair and less soreness.

- ActiveMV: ActiveMV supports your immune system and maximizes your nutrients from other supplements.

- Creatine Monohydrate: Increase your strength, muscle size, and performance at the gym so you can get those extra reps in and start seeing big gains. Creatine Monohydrate is a product that all gym-goers looking to grow should have as a part of their supplement regime. 



- Pre & Post Workout Formula: This formula can either be used as a filling meal replacement or support pre and post-workout recovery. High amounts of protein for muscle growth.

- Amino XXXL

- ActiveMV



- WheySmooth: A smoothie/shake blend that provides a high dosage of protein with low calories to support lean muscle growth and expedite muscle recovery

- Super-Omega 3 Fish Oil: Fatty fish acids are perfect to support the cardiovascular, brain, vision, and immune system to make you feel better all around.

- ActiveMV


Whatever your fitness goals are, there is a bundle to support you!


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