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How to Stay Fit at Home


With the closure of gyms and other health and wellness facilities across the country people are now finding themselves having to get their daily exercise in at home. This can be a struggle for some because they lack necessary equipment or the usual structure to their day that they would normally have. We are going to share some tips and tricks to help motivate you on your fitness journey while at home!

Did you know you can receive loads of health benefits just from working out? Yep, that’s right, exercising has the ability to reduce anxiety, boost your mood, and strengthen the immune system. Best of all? New research has also indicated that exercise improves your ability to combat the coronavirus

Wake up Early

Although it may be tough for some, (yes we are talking to you night owls out there)  waking up before other members of your household will ensure that you are able to have some uninterrupted time to dedicate to yourself before starting your day. Doing this and getting your body on a sleep routine at night will also improve your quality of sleep and help you to wake up feeling more rested


Finding the right people to work out with can make working out more fun and easy to commit to. Since this is not a possibility due to the current pandemic, virtual classes are the next best thing. Fit Factory is now offering access to lots of online amenities such as live virtual classes, online workout programs, on demand classes and much more! 

Now that you know how to stay fit at home, here’s a free total body burn workout for you to try!
This workout consists of two circuits total. Begin with circuit 1 and follow that with circuit 2. Keep in mind that each exercise should be 45 seconds of active work. In between each exercise, give yourself 10 seconds to rest. Rest one minute after you complete each circuit. Then, repeat both circuits one more time, starting with circuit 1 and then followed by 2. 


If you do not have weights at home for these exercises, never fear, here’s some creative alternatives for you:

• Canned Goods - 2.5 lbs
• Jars of pasta sauce - 1-2 lbs
• Bottles of wine - 3 lbs
• Water bottles - 1 lbs
• Jugs of laundry detergent - 10 lbs
• Gallons of water Approx - 10 lbs

And… if you're looking for some heavier weights:

• A laundry basket with handles loaded with cans
• A backpack loaded with books

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