Four Ways to Get Back on Track After Quarantine

Four Ways to Get Back on Track After Quarantine
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Has being stuck at your house dimmed your spark for working out? If not, it's likely at the very least pulled you out of the fitness habits that had once felt to be second nature. We’ve got the four best ways to start getting back into those healthy habits, or building new ones. Being active is an important part of staying healthy and feeling great, so let's get started!

TIP #1: Set Goals & Map Out A Plan To Reach Them

The first step in reaching your goals is to set them! Then, it’s time to put an actionable plan in place. That’s where our certified Fit Coaches come in. All Fit Factory Members get a FREE fitness consultation to talk through their specific needs, wants, and goals in order to set a plan for success. This is your chance to ask questions about fitness, learn some new exercises, or even chat about nutrition and diet tips. 
Our fitness consultations are always no obligation, we’re just here to help! Oh and if you’ve had one already, no worries - everyone needs a little extra support right now and we’d be happy to have another (socially distant) chat with you!

TIP #2: Workout With Someone Who Motivates You

Do you have a friend or family member that holds you accountable and pushes you to be better? What about a favorite instructor that motivates you to give your all through the end of class? Figure out what works for you, and stick with it. Don’t know where to start? Our Group Fitness Classes are back and though things may be spread out more than we’re used to, it’s still a great (and safe) way to meet people, get motivated, and have fun while getting active!

TIP #3: Make It Easy

 Have you ever gotten to the gym and just not known what to do or where to start? Don’t worry - we’ve all been there, and we’re all just getting started right now. At Fit Factory we want to help, so we’ve put together a variety of fitness plans for every goal so that you can get moving with just one click. Our programs incorporate strength training, cardio and even healthy recipes so that getting fit and staying fit is that much easier!

TIP #4: Try Something New

 If you think that fitness is boring you haven’t found the right fit for you, we promise that it’s out there. Your workouts should excite you, not be something that you dread - ESPECIALLY after so much time away from the gym. If you’re finding yourself not loving your workouts, not getting the results you want, or not looking forward to going to the gym, let us change the game for you with F.F.I.T.
F.F.I.T. stands for Functional Fitness Interval Training, which is really just a fancy way to say workouts that translate into everyday life. Our workouts are fast, effective, and fun, and will allow you to see a difference in the way you move when it matters (moving furniture, loading the car - all of those fun things). Best of all, the second you walk into an F.F.I.T. class you’ll gain a studio full of teammates that truly want to help, and watch you succeed. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish! Oh, and did we mention that your first class is FREE?



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