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Personal Training Success Story: Gino & Kelsey

At Fit Factory, we believe that personal training is more than just exercise demonstrations. It's about making connections with our members, getting a good grasp on their goals and limitations, and helping them to achieve more than they ever thought possible. 

Our trainer Kelsey in Braintree and her client Gino are a dynamic duo who serve as a perfect example of all that our Personal Training Program stands for atFit Factory! They've learned from eachother and grown both within fitness, and as overall people! 

Check out what Kelsey had to say about working with Gino! (via @Kelsgainzfitness on Instagram)

"When I first met Gino at Fit Factory Braintree , he couldn’t touch his toes. His back was so rounded and tight from riding his bike (he is a beast of a cycler!!), that we spent the first 6-8 sessions entirely on the mat... stretching, foam rolling and doing muscle-lengthening exercises.

Now, 4 months later, he has graduated to weights, battle ropes, ladder drills and lots and lots of squat thrusts (sorry Gino😅). Yesterday he told me he biked 20 miles in 1 hour... the fastest he’s done since his glory days!

I am so proud of this guy. Little did I know when we started back in March that I would not only get a new client, but also a new friend❣️ He’s taught me just as much as I’ve taught him, and through the jokes, stories, and discussion of beers/movies/music - I believe we became the best versions of ourselves.

Oh - and now he can touch his toes no problem😉!"

Do you have a story about your trainer and how he or she has helped you grow or reach a goal?! We'd love to hear about it! Send us an email at and you might show up in our next feature! 

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