Not seeing results? Be patient with yourself! Check out our tips on some of the little changes that you can make to challenge and improve yourself every day!

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Fitness Takes Time

Happy Wednesday FitFam!

Today is hump day and the mid-week slump is starting to kick in for sure so we thought that now was the perfect time to remind you of something!


Just like Wednesday can sometimes drag, so can your workout routine. It is definitely easy to get tired of the same old thing and you may begin to feel like your putting in so much hard work but not seeing any results. But trust us, the results will come! That 30 lbs does not come off overnight, but stick to your routine and don’t get discouraged, and you will see the changes you are looking for.

Today we want you to celebrate your small accomplishments. Give yourself credit for increasing your weight a little, running a few seconds longer, staying hydrated, or sticking to your healthy eating. Fitness is not all about reaching a destination, but rather appreciating the whole process of improving yourself. It is important to maintain these small goals as motivation to reach your bigger goals. Today, take some time to congratulate yourself for the progress you have made and all that you have to look forward to on your fitness journey.

Switch it up

It is important to stick to a routine in order to stay on top of your goals. If you feel that you’re losing interest in your routine, switch it up a little bit. Explore new exercises, workout with a partner or friend, or take it outside. A change of scenery can reinvigorate your passion and remind you why you started.

Today’s Challenge

Pick one:

  • Add 2 minutes to your run

  • Increase the weight of the exercise you feel most comfortable with by 5 lbs

  • Add 5 more reps to your core workout

  • Try a Class

  • Take the stairs at work



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