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How To Get Started, Or Stick To A Workout Routine!

Looking to get into a solid routine at the gym, but not exactly sure where to start? We came up with a couple of ideas, tips, and workouts to jumpstart your fitness journey.

Personal Training Success Story: Gino & Kelsey

At Fit Factory, we believe that personal training is more than just exercise demonstrations. Check out this success story from one of our Clinet & Trainer dynamic duos! 

Fitness Takes Time

Not seeing results? Be patient with yourself! Check out our tips on some of the little changes that you can make to challenge and improve yourself every day!

4 Tips For Reaching Your Goals

Check out our favorite tips to help you reach your goals! 

Why Fit Factory loves working with St. Jude

You may know of Fit Factory as your favorite place to workout, but did you know that Fit Factory is more than just a gym?

Fit Factory is also one of the presenting sponsors of St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Athlete Spotlight: Michael Pelletier

Michael Pelletier is our Personal Training Athlete Of The Month for July in Foxboro! Learn more about why he was chosen & his story!

Holiday Hack: How To Enjoy A Cookout Without Sabotaging Your Diet

We've teamed up with Designed To Fit Nutrition to put together some tips so that you can enjoy your 4th of July Holiday without going overboard!



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