Habits vs Resolutions - what’s the difference?

Habits vs Resolutions - what’s the difference?
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Every New Year’s most people make a resolution that revolves around getting fit. But by February 80% of those people have given up on their resolutions. Why is that? Oftentimes people make resolutions that aren’t realistic or they want a quick solution. 

Saying you want to lose 30lbs, or only going to eat baked chicken breast and broccoli, and go to the gym everyday aren’t realistic and are not sustainable ways to achieve your goals. 

A resolution is nothing more than filling yourself up with empty promises and setting yourself up for disappointment. If you really want to reach your goals then you must change your habits. 



Habits differ from resolutions because habits change and form over time. You don’t wake up on January 1st and can run 10 miles and never drink soda again. Habits form from routine. We are all human and everyone changes habits at different speeds. Research shows that it can take anywhere from 15 to 254 days to fully form a new habit.​ To reach your goals you need to change what your current habits are. If you want to workout in the mornings then start setting your alarm one hour earlier. If you want to stop drinking soda, try moving them to the back of the fridge and place healthier options in the front such as seltzer.


1. Start with realistic goals

If you have a goal to lose weight this year, break it down so it doesn’t seem so daunting. Saying you want to lose 60lbs in a year can be intimidating but saying you want to lose 5lbs a month seems so much more manageable! Book a fitness consult with one of our educated and passionate personal trainers - they can help you make a plan and form proper gym habits. We also offer semi-personal training so you and your partner or friend can workout together! Check out our blog post on Partner workouts & why you need them in your life. 



 2. Know that setbacks  will happen

Like I said before you aren’t going to wake up on January 1st and be able to reach your goals just like that. Also, you’re human! We’re expected to make mistakes and have set backs... It’s when you know how to handle those difficulties that you will begin to make changes. Don’t give up because one week you didn’t make it to the gym as many times as you planned or you didn’t follow your nutrition plan 100% this week. It just means next week you will try even harder to stay on track. 



 3. Trust the process 

Start by believing in yourself and knowing that you can achieve what you set out to accomplish and that the end goal is worth it! Think of it as remodeling your kitchen. You start off with this great idea and can’t wait until you can finally host large family dinners! The painters and contractors start to come in and you’re so excited for them to get started. But then a few weeks in, everything is in disarray and you're making coffee in the front hall because the kitchen currently has no floor...then another few weeks go by and the hardwood floors of your dreams are finally in and so are all the new stainless steel appliances you never thought you would have. Then another few weeks go by and you’re sitting around your custom made kitchen table making the best memories with your friends and family. You can look back and see all the chaos you lived through to get to that amazing moment!  Trust the process in habit building and soon enough you will be a better version of yourself! 


By changing habits and not just stating resolutions, you are making a commitment to yourself. You are ready to make a change for good and ready to take on the challenges because you want the best for yourself. There are 24 hours in the day. Take one of those hours, just 1/24 of your day to start making changes and the rest will follow! 



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