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Does exercise balance your hormones? [It does, find out how!]

Working out and staying fit has numerous health advantages that should encourage you to go out and exercise often. Weight loss, gaining muscle, and staying lean are some common goals of gym-goers, but here are some unknown benefits you also gain from getting active.

5 ways a mirror can teach you about self love!

Being confident in your body is just as important as having a dedicated gym routine! Take a look at these 5 meditational steps using a simple mirror to overcome insecurites and become the best YOU!

Habits vs Resolutions - what’s the difference?

Every year around the end of December we all start thinking about what our resolutions will be. Many people's resolutions revolve around fitness whether that means eating healthier or going to the gym more often. But by February people are back to their old ways. That is because resolutions don't actually change you, habits change you. Read this article to find out how changing your habits and creating new patterns will help you finally achieve your goals!- We know you can do it!! 



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