Self-Care: Mobility and Stretching [Why you need both]

Self-Care: Mobility and Stretching [Why you need both]
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What is the difference between stretching and mobility training?

Incorporating both stretching and mobility exercises into your daily workout routine can greatly improve the quality of your workout and self-care routine. It’s super important to make some time before and after your workout to incorporate some exercises because it can greatly reduce injury risk and promote recovery. All you need is a quick 5-10 minutes and you are good to go! Stretching and mobility definitely go hand in hand however, there are some important differences to note. Stretching is described as the ability to extend one’s limbs, and one’s body in a reclining position. Stretching should be done before and after your workout. Stretching also involves flexibility, which is described as the ability of a muscle or muscle group to lengthen passively through a range of motion. Then, we have mobility which is described as the ability of a joint to actively move through a range of motion. Mobility training should be done before your workout. Both have many benefits that will not only improve your workout but also your quality of life.


What are the benefits?

Let's take a look at some of the wonderful benefits that stretching and mobility training can provide to your body.


Stretching benefits:

-Increase flexibility

-Improve blood circulation

-Improve and increase ROM (Range of Motion) in muscles

-Relieve tension and relax the body

-Essential to proper recovery


Mobility training benefits:

-Reduce the risk of injury

-Improve performance helps with posture, stabilization, form/technique→increased strength

-Benefits posture

-Joint health


Stretching and mobility techniques to try:

Now that you understand the differences and benefits of both, it's a no-brainer that preparing your muscles properly for physical activity is essential to the longevity of your body. Let’s take a look at some stretching and mobility techniques that can help you achieve optimal mobility and flexibility for your workouts. 

Breathing- Diaphragmatic breathing during warm-ups and movement preparation can help correct postural alignment issues, and improve tissue oxygenation and quality. To do so take a long inhale through the nose, expanding the entire thorax region, and long exhales through the mouth.

Foam Rolling- Foam rolling is not breaking up knots, adhesions, or scar tissue. Our body is surrounded by fascia, which is a form of connective tissue. When we are foam rolling, we are promoting blood flow and fluid movement throughout the tissue, it is preparing our muscles and body for work. 

Active Stretching/Mobility- Proper breathing during this portion of the session will drive the client to achieve a greater range of motion and sink deeper into the stretch. We call it active stretching because we are attempting to create contractions within our joints.


Exercises to try:




Cossack squats- Make sure to alternate between legs



Standing roll downs


90 degree shoulder external rotation with band



Incorporate these exercises into your daily routine and see your body transform! If you are looking for more ways to make positive changes to your routine, reach out to one of our Fit Factory Trainers to get started today! 



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