Workout With Bae!

Workout With Bae!
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It’s Valentine’s Day, a day about love and sharing things with people that you love. We love you and want to share our top-tier VIP membership with you, free of charge! Come with or without your significant other to one of our many club locations and claim your free membership for this coming Saturday and Sunday. 
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Working out with your partner? — Yes, romance and working out go hand in hand! Here are the best, easy to master workouts for you and your partner, bae or not:

Partner Plank:

Find a suitable area, get a mat, and lower yourself down into the plank position while facing your partner. Now, squeeze your core and give your partner a high five with each other’s opposite hands. That’s it! We recommend 15 reps on each side, repeating 3 times!

Partner Triceps Dips:
Slowly lower down into a squat position with your back pressed against a wall. Now have your partner perform tricep dips! Your partner will face away from you, place his or her hands on your quads, and then extend their legs. Now that you are in the right position, your partner will bend his or her elbows a little to keep the tension their triceps. After 10 to 15 repetitions switch the positions and repeat!

Sit Ups: 

A great abs exercise for you and your partner! — This time you don’t have to jam your feet under some weight, have your partner hold them. Get in the starting position of the exercise by laying on your back, holding your legs at a slight angle with both feet on the ground. Now, use your abs to pull your upper body up towards your knees, your partner will hold your feet, complete the exercise with a . . . kiss?! Repeat 15 times and then switch positions with your partner. 

Don’t have a partner to exercise with? Enjoy one of the perks of your VIP membership and join one of our group exercise classes and meet like minded people!     

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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