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Member Success Story: Kristen Sweeney

Our favorite day of the week is here—it’s time to share a member success story! At Fit Factory, we’re all about supporting our incredible members in their one-of-a-kind health journeys…

...and nothing makes us happier than getting a chance to celebrate healthy choices, new habits, and fitness milestones.  

Today, we’re celebrating Kristen’s incredible fitness progress and her commitment to balance in every area of her life. Let’s hear her story.



Kristen first heard about Fit Factory from a few friends that she works with. She joined them for a couple CrossFit classes and quickly decided that CrossFit wasn’t the right fit for her. But, instead of giving up, she decided to try some of Fit Factory’s other class offerings—like yoga, spin, and interval training.

Now, Kristen attends Fit Factory classes at least three times every single week. “When I leave after an intense class, I feel like I really accomplished something—I feel sweaty and strong.”

Kristen had been a member of other gyms in the past, but those gyms hadn’t offered classes at convenient times or an affordable price. So, she’d either mess around on the treadmills or quit showing up at the gym at all. But the energy and accountability of the classes at Fit Factory keeps her engaged and motivated.



Although Kristen has always been into health and exercise, she never found a consistent routine before Fit Factory. Investing in her health was especially difficult when her two boys were young, but now that they’re teenagers, she’s realized that it’s time for her to make herself a priority—no more waiting!

“I just turned forty, and it’s time for me to take care of myself and do what I enjoy doing,” said Kristen. She doesn’t enjoy working out at home, and so she joined Fit Factory to get in great shape for herself, with the goals of building strength and gaining a few extra pounds of muscle.



What challenges has Kristen faced along the way? In her own words: “There’s always family responsibilities, taking care of the kids, working—it’s so hard to find time for yourself. But it’s so important.”

Kristen decided that it was time to ditch the excuses and make time for exercise, no matter what. “Everybody has to find their own balance, even if there’s just one day out of the week that you can move your body and do what you love do.” Wise words.



After six months at Fit Factory, Kristen has more energy, a more toned body, and a clearer mind. In the past, she’d get up in the morning, get her kids off to school, and go back to bed. Now, she’s full of energy and can’t wait to get to the gym for “me time.”

What’s worked for her? Moderation and consistency.

Kristen says she doesn’t believes in diets, and practices eating everything in moderation. “I don’t limit myself to anything, because I realized that cutting things out doesn’t really help me. If you try to cut something out completely, you’ll think about it constantly.” Instead, Kristen makes simple, healthy choices without restrictive herself—like brown rice instead of white rice, or veggies instead of fries.

While Kristen’s diet is flexible and balanced, she sticks to a super consistent workout routine: Tuesday body burn class, Wednesday HIIT and weights class, Thursday Butt Gut Blast class, and Pilates or Yoga on Saturday. This blend of classes works every part of her body and keeps her challenged.

All of her hard work is paying off, too. “I’m starting to get all this definition, and it makes me want to work even harder. The instructors keep me motivated, and it’s such a great environment.”

Kristens final words of advice? When you don’t feel like working out, just get up and go anyways. “You always regret when you don’t do it, but you never regret when you do.”

On days when she’s really feeling unmotivated, she tells herself that all she has to do is put on her gym shoes—and that one little action step helps her make the choice to head to the gym. “My shoes are on, I’m just going to go.”



Thanks for sharing your story, Kristen! We’re so thrilled for your success, and we’re glad you’re a part of the Fit Factory Family.


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