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4 Ways To Kill Your Holiday Sugar Cravings

Here’s the crazy thing about sugar. The more we eat it, the more we crave it. So, during the holiday season, when cookies, candies, and cocktails abound, it’s easy for our sugar cravings to spiral out of control.

But, we all know that eating too much sugar leads to not-so-desirable outcomes, like weight gain, headaches, inflammation, and weakened immunity.

So, how can we stay on top of our sugar intake—especially while dealing with constant temptation of holiday snacks? Here are four ways to kill your sugar cravings, keep your diet balanced, and survive the holidays without falling prey to an entire platter of bon-bons (been there, done that).




If you feel like you’re constantly eating (or thinking about eating) sugary snacks, try incorporating more healthy fats into your diet. Healthy fats are highly-satiating, which means they’re both filling and satisfying. So, don’t shy away from roasting your veggies in coconut oil, eating half an avocado with your salad or scrambled eggs, or even blending a spoonful of ghee, butter, or coconut into your coffee, à la Bulletproof Coffee.



Sometimes, it’s the late-night snacking or the “one more piece of pie” that’s our downfall. If you find yourself over-indulging in sugar, long after dinner is over, it might be time to implement the “12-Hour Rule”—giving yourself a twelve-hour window between dinner and breakfast, to eliminate mindless snacking and to give your digestive system a healthy break. So, if you eat breakfast at 7:30am, your evening cut-off time for any and all snacking is 7:30pm. This simple rule is an easy way to manage your sugar intake if you have trouble moderating your snacking late at night.



Eating a sugar-free breakfast is a great way to set the tone for your day—and balance any over-indulging that may happen later on. While a smoothie, a chia pudding, or a bowl of oatmeal might normally be a healthy breakfast option, swap those out during the holidays for more savory breakfast options: veggie scrambles, omelettes, or avocado toast.



Most of us are already eating more sugar than normal during the holidays, in the form of cookies, chocolates, cakes, and pies. But it’s easy to forget how much sugar is hiding in fruit punch, cocktails, dessert wines, lattes, hot chocolate, mulled cider, eggnog...and we could go on. And, most of the time, drinking sugar is much less satisfying and satiating that eating sugar. So, for the next few weeks, we recommend cutting back on all sugary drinks—just to make a little extra room for indulging in one or two of your favorite holiday sweets.



Use these simple tricks to manage your sugar cravings, stay on track with your diet goals, and feel your best this holiday season.


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