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6 Reasons To Try a New Group Fitness Class

As humans, we love habits and patterns. You take the same route to work every day. You order the same drink at Starbucks every day. And, if you’re like most of us, you do the same workout every day.

Maybe you have a standard weight lifting routine, or you run the same distance on the treadmill all the time, or you’ve got a go-to workout video. Maybe you’re at 6am Fit Cycle every week or you do Barre every afternoon.

Here’s the truth, though—as awesome as it is that you’re working out consistently, you might be making a critical mistake.

A stagnant workout routine can be the single biggest cause of a fitness plateau.

So, if you’re feeling stuck (or you just can’t seem to drop those last ten pounds), a new and challenging group fitness class could be the key to your next big breakthrough.

But that’s not all—here are six more reasons to try a new group fitness class this week.




Bigger biceps and slimmer thighs aren’t the only benefits to a regular workout routine. Consistent exercise is also good for your mental health. However, you can fall into a boring rut if you stick to the same workout routine, day in and day out.

So, challenge those brain cells by learning some new moves in Zumba or busting out a few punches in Kickboxing and Abs.


If you’re used to working out solo (or if you only attend one type of class), you’re missing out on major motivation and accountability! Every coach has a different style, and a new instructor could push, challenge, and encourage you in new ways.

Try out a new group fitness class and soak up that energy, inspiration, and motivation!


If you’ve stuck to a single workout style for months or years, you may have maxed out your performance in that arena.

You’ve mastered the treadmill. You can swim laps like no other. You can bounce along to that retro aerobics DVD like no one else. If you’re nodding your head, it may be time to move on to something new.

Joining a group fitness class gives you a chance to master a new skill. And, while it can be tough to feel like a beginner, it’s also rewarding to tackle a new challenge and make progress towards new goals.


We know you’ve got big goals. Lose 25 pounds. Build a six-pack. Fit back into your wedding dress for your anniversary.

Those goals are awesome, but they take lots of time, consistency, and effort to achieve.

So, along the way, we recommend working towards smaller, non-physical milestones that you can quickly conquer and celebrate.

Joining a group fitness class can provide a framework for those motivational milestones. Here are a few ideas: hold crow pose for ten seconds, reach a new resistance level in Fit Cycle, or survive a whole session of Insanity without taking an unscheduled break.


You’re not in this alone...but sometimes it can feel like that. If your fitness journey feels lonely and isolated, a group fitness class is the perfect place to connect with likeminded people who can support, encourage, and challenge you.

And, guess what? Sometimes, that extra accountability is the one thing that keeps you going when it gets tough.


Different types of exercise focus more heavily on certain muscle groups and areas of fitness. If you never mix up your workout routine, you might begin to see imbalance in your body—and you might even begin to plateau in your progress as your body becomes “bored” with the familiar routine.

If you’re ready to shake up your workout rhythm and see new results, join a group fitness class and try something new. For example, if you typically spend all your time on weight machines, join a cardio-heavy class, like Zumba. Or, if you’re a hardcore runner, join a conditioning class, such as Butt Gut Blast.


So, are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone and reach new levels of fitness? Come on in for one of our many fitness classes. You can check out our Kingston class schedule here and our Braintree class schedule here—you’ve got lots of options. Don’t wait - come in for a group fitness class today.





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