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New 'FIT For Life' Group Fitness Class

Learn more about Fit Factory's newest group fitness class format, 'FIT For Life' geared towards our senior community members. You'll discover how the workout is set up, how you should prepare, and when you can find it on the schedule!

The Effects of Exercise during COVID-19

Learn about how it is imperative to remain active while following social distancing proceedures, and what you can do to stay active during this time of quarantine. 

Combatting COVID-19: From Relief Funds to Food Banks

Read the latest about what we are doing to combat COVID-19's effects by helping our Massachusetts and Texas communities.

Community is More Important Than Ever

We may all need to to keep our distance and stay home this month, but now more than ever the world needs community. Fit Factory knows this and is heavily prioritizing all efforts around positively impacting local community members and businesses.

5 Ways to Stay Physically & Mentally Healthy During COVID-19

"Stay at home" does not mean "still at home." In this article you will learn the best ways to stay active to maintain physical and mental health all while obeying the "stay at home" guidlines. 

Home Gym Setup: Staying Active at Home

Checkout Fit Factory's featured advice on the Redfin Blog! We'll tell you about our tips to get fit done at home!

What You Should Know Before Warming-up

In this article you will learn how to properly warm up before your workout in order to avoid injuries and to stay on track with your health goals!



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