25 Quick and Easy Healthy Weeknight Meals

25 Quick and Easy Healthy Weeknight Meals
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Most of us have hectic weekday schedules, leaving us short on time to make dinner. Follow this easy weeknight dinner plan to get a hot and delicious meal on the table every night of the week.

It can be tough to find enough energy to cook a healthy weeknight dinner for your family after a long day's work and other commitments. That's why one-pot meals have been a go-to for me for several years - they not only save preparation time, but they cut down on the dirty dishes at the end of the night. Double win!

Building a plan is a crucial time-saving tool for weeknight dinners. Please read below for our guide on quick and easy meal planning, along with a sample plan so that you're covered every night of the week with dinner recipes that will be ready right on time.


Save time: Make a Plan.

Taking some time to plan out your week will translate into better quality food choices, less stress, and even financial savings.

Pick an hour on a day off; Sunday works well for the typical Monday-Friday schedule. Find five easy weeknight dinner recipes that appeal to you, make a shopping list, and get your groceries to set yourself up for success.


Planning your weeknight meals ahead of time will help you to:

  • Plan the meals you want to make most, rather than choosing meals based on what's in the fridge;

  • Save time and stress trying to decide on a dinner recipe after work quickly;

  • Cut down on trips to the grocery store;

  • Scope out flyer deals ahead of time to save yourself some money.


Meatless Monday

Vegan and vegetarian meals are not only delicious but incredibly nutritious. As a bonus, swapping out meats for plant-based meals is usually less expensive, too! Try tofu, tempeh, beans, or lentils, which all offer various flavors and textures.


Best Meatless Dinner Options

  • Portobello mushroom burgers

  • Whole roasted cauliflower with zaatar and tahini

  • Vegan alfredo with tofu

  • Power bowls with roasted tofu

  • Teriyaki tofu with rice


Taco Tuesday

Everybody loves tacos, and with good reason! These Mexican handheld morsels are fun to build and taste great, especially when paired with a salted lime margarita. Tacos are super simple to make - you cook up some protein, chop a few fresh toppings, and stuff it all into a delicious corn tortilla shell.

Whether you choose a hard or soft shell, store-bought or handmade with a tortilla press, they're a total crowd-pleaser.


Best Taco Dinner Options

  • Classic spicy ground beef

  • Crispy-fried fish

  • Spicy black bean and corn

  • Pulled chicken and refried beans

  • Lime shrimp and jalapeno


One-Pot Wednesday

Few meals are better than a one-pot dinner - throwing everything into the pot and leaving it to simmer while you knock off the to-do list feels great. Whether you're using a slow cooker, pressure cooker, Dutch oven, or stovetop pot, there are a variety of meals you can make this way.


Best One-Pot Dinner Options

  • Cajun sausage and rice

  • Lemon-artichoke chicken and rice

  • Spicy white chicken chili with jalapeno

  • Spinach and artichoke one-pot pasta

  • Creamy mushroom ramen


Stir-Fry Thursday

Stir fry is technically a one-pot meal too, but we thought it deserved its own night because it's so versatile. You can pick up specific ingredients for your stir fry, or you can take a peek through the fridge and use up any vegetables that are on the brink of going bad.

Best Stir-Fry Dinner Options

  • Honey garlic chicken

  • General Tso's shrimp and broccoli

  • Sesame-ginger beef

  • Cajun shrimp and sausage

  • Garlic sriracha pork


Foil Packet Friday

If you haven't tried a foil packet dinner yet, you're missing out. Throw meat, vegetables, and sauces all in one piece of aluminum foil, fold it all up and steam your healthy weeknight dinner to perfection in the oven.


Best Foil Packet Dinner Options

  • Cauliflower curry

  • Garlic shrimp and veggie

  • Teryiaki beef

  • Zucchini parmesan

  • Bacon ranch chicken


Final Notes: Healthy weeknight dinners

With a little planning, make your weeknight cooking excursions much more manageable, healthier, and even more delicious than usual.

Creating a meal plan also saves you money on groceries and time spent heading to the store to pick up a last-minute ingredient or two.

We think your family will love our easy weeknight dinners, but feel free to swap out any of our suggestions for an easy and healthy family favorite recipe, too.



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